Silent spreaders with no symptoms accelerate coronavirus pandemic

Experts say infected people who do not display symptoms are a major driver in the spread of coronavirus.


New virus has authorities on alert as death toll rises

Australia will screen passengers on key flights from China in a bid to detect the SARS-like virus that has killed at least 17 people.


Early warning signs of Parkinson’s disease

Around 700,000 people in Australia live with Parkinson’s, either having the disease itself, caring for someone with Parkinson’s, or knowing someone affected. Yet, few people recognise the early warning signs.


It’s time to talk about herpes

We’re getting better at discussing once delicate topics, now it’s time for a candid conversation about herpes.


It’s critical that you recognise this ‘silent killer’

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, which makes it vital that you recognise the telltale signs.

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Warning signs that you may have a brain tumour

Your skull is hard and your brain is soft, so as a tumour grows it has nowhere to go, but there are likely to be warning signs.

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What’s that high-pitched whine? When tinnitus strikes

For Janelle, tinnitus is a constant high-pitched whine. She’s been told that if she gives up salt, coffee, chocolate and alcohol, it might get better. She wants other remedies!

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Getting to the bottom of a common complaint

They afflict pregnant women and new mothers, sportspeople, the man next door, heavy lifters, or just anyone. But many prefer to suffer in silence.


What can you do to prepare for dementia?

It may not be the nicest thing to think about but having a plan in case of dementia is a smart move and one that will take pressure off you and your family.

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Dizziness: recognising the cause and treating the symptoms

Feeling dizzy can often be an indication that something is out of kilter in your body. So what causes it and how can it be treated?


Treat yourself the ‘appy’ way

Normally we would suggest heading to your health specialist for a proper diagnosis but if you want to pamper your inner hypochondriac, why not give these self-diagnosis apps a go?


Lupus explained: symptoms and treatment

Lupus is a chronic condition that affects one in 700 Australians, but for many people it remains a mystery. To mark Lupus Awareness Month, here are the facts you need to know.

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