Is it dangerous to sleep with your smartphone?

A lot of people take their smartphone to bed with them, whether its to use as an alarm clock or to reply to messages around the clock, but does this cause you harm?


New smartphone will transform into a tablet

Samsung’s latest technology offering, a foldable smartphone that transforms into a tablet, is rumoured to already be in production, with first sales planned for this year.


How to maximise the sale value of your old device

With technology rapidly changing, it's not uncommon to buy a new smartphone, tablet or computer every few years. But what should you do with your old device?


Why do a digital detox?

We are fast becoming inseparable from our phones. Often, they are last thing we touch at night and the first object we interact with in the morning. Do you need to go on a digital detox?


Is it safe to charge your smartphone or tablet in public?

Have you ever charged your device using a public USB port? New research has revealed that smartphones can be compromised in as little as three minutes.


How to wipe your iPhone, iPad or Android before selling it

Selling or giving away your old smartphone or tablet is a great idea, but you should make sure that your personal data has been erased, otherwise your private data might be up for grabs.


How to digitally clean your computer, smartphone or tablet

The New Year is a great time to get on top of your digital data and make sure you keep it in check. You can speed up your device By tidying up and deleting old files.


Updating apps is a frustrating but necessary task

You may have been burnt in the past by updating some of your apps and losing some features, but there are very good reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to updates.


How does your smartphone or tablet get a virus?

Smartphone and tablet viruses can slow down your device and compromise your personal information. In part one of a two-part article, Ryan explains how your smart device can become infected.


Make your battery last longer

In the second video of the YourLifeChoices simplifying technology series, Anne Rady shares a few tips that will help you stretch your smartphone or tablet battery to its limits.

Technology News

Should you replace your laptop with a tablet?

Tablets have been extremely popular because of their portability and convenience. But for all the hype, are tablets really a better option than the traditional laptop?


Amazon unlimited eBook subscription service launches

Today, Amazon launched its new eBook subscription service that will allow Australian readers access to over one million eBooks for a monthly subscription fee.

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