Creating bookmarks on an iPad

YOURLifeChoices member Karen has recently purchased an iPad and wants to know how to create a bookmark. Drew explains how and also teaches Karen how to add a favourite website to her home screen.

eReaders & eBooks

Low-cost tablet computer

YOURLifeChoices member Iris is looking for a low-cost tablet to keep in contact with her grandchildren. Drew explains what her options are.


Microsoft Surface

A little late to the table, Microsoft has finally revealed their first highly anticipated tablet computer called the Surface. Drew explains why the Surface is a huge leap into the competitive tablet market for Microsoft and why you might buy one.

Vacationing with technology

More people are using technology on holiday than ever before

Mr iPhone’s Holiday

More people are using the internet to plan holidays than for work


Why do I need an iPad?

An iPad allows you to watch movies, read eBooks, email, search the web and Skype with your buddies. Who wouldn't want one?

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