Should we keep the deficit levy?

Labor says that should the Government lift the temporary deficit levy, it would effectively be handing millionaires a $16,400 annual tax break at the expense of low and middle income earners.


Labor puts big business offside

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has accused Labor of playing ‘fast and loose’ with Australia’s economy, claiming its election campaign is anti-business and dangerous.

Federal Budget 2016

Super tax concession cut confirmed

Confirming what we already suspected, tax changes will be the cornerstone of Budget 2016/17, with reduced superannuation tax concessions for the wealthy the big issue.


Tax cuts to end bracket creep

Treasurer Joe Hockey will today lay the foundations of the Government’s strategy to deliver personal income tax cuts for low and middle-income earners.

Tax cut slashed from budget

The Federal Government will defer indefinitely $1.4 billion in tax cuts

Seniors Finance

Carbon Tax Calculators

Whether we like it or not, the Carbon Tax is here. And many people are now asking how it will affect them and their families. Most of the anecdotal evidence suggests doom and gloom. However, the Government is saying that the Household Assistance Package will help 9 out of 10 Australian households. This will be done through tax cuts and increases to Government allowances and pensions.

Carbon Tax

The Carbon Tax: What’s in it for self-funded retirees

If the treasury modeling is correct, and prices rise by 0.7 percent, with a supplement of 1.7 percent you should have an extra ten dollars each week, starting July 2012. nBut if your energy bills are higher than 2.5 per cent of your income, you may find this gain is eaten away. How much better off you will be really depends upon how much of your income goes on power.