The best health and fitness apps and wearables

The Australian Institute of Fitness has released its top 10 health and fitness wearables for everyday consumers, according to a recent survey of leading industry experts and professionals.

Technology News

Which portable heater is best?

As the famous Stark motto from Game of Thrones states, 'Winter is Coming' and that means putting the flannelette sheets on the bed and thinking about heating options.


How to keep your phone sanitised and coronavirus free

Your phone touches everything, and then makes direct contact with your face, so you want to keep it as clean as you can.

Health news

Health alert: Elderly at risk from social media misinformation

Elderly Australians are particularly vulnerable in the time of COVID-19. Isolation and a need for accurate information has them turning to social media for answers, often with disastrous results.


Gadgets that make life easier for older Australians

Thanks to rapid advancements in digital technologies over the past few decades, older Australians are able to live fuller and happier lives with the help of simple, user-friendly electronic aides.


Gadget gifts to make you home smarter and life easier

Thinking about Christmas starts earlier every year, but this year is even earlier than normal. Here are some gadgets that will make great Christmas gifts.


Tech Q&A: Are compact photo printers worth it?

Camilla misses the days of having photos stored in an album and wants to know if she should buy a printer.

Tutorials / How To

Useful Gmail settings

Gmail is becoming the most popular email service and that might be because of the range of settings that help users have a better experience.

Technology News

You wouldn’t hit a dog, so why kill one in a video game?

You wouldn’t hit a dog, so why kill one in Minecraft? Why violence against virtual animals is an ethical issue.


COVID-19 exposes broadband gaps

Is Australia’s poor internet infrastructure a risk to public health?


Air purifiers are not the solution to keeping your home COVID free

A recent investigation by consumer group CHOICE found that while air purifiers can be useful in some circumstances, they play a limited role in keeping homes virus free.

Secure Access

Password managers explained: do you need one? Are they safe?

We know we are supposed to have passwords that should be changed regularly, but very few of us actually do it. Coming up with strong, varied passwords can be painful.

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