Five best Christmas shopping websites

Would you like to do your Christmas shopping from home this silly season? We may be able to help you save some sanity with this list of five of the best Australian online stores.

Software & Downloads

Drew reviews Dragon's software

Voice recognition now allows you to control your whole computer via spoken commands.

Technology News

Introducing Windows 10

Skipping right over Windows 9, Microsoft has recently launched its brand new operating system Windows 10, revolutionising the way you’ll use your computer from now on.


Should you upgrade to iOS 8.0.2?

Apple’s updated iPhone and iPad mobile operating system is supposed to fix the bugs found in iOS 8.0.1. We find out if it’s worth the upgrade, or if you should wait a while longer.


iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launched

Apple launched two new iPhones and a brand new smartwatch at an event in California on Tuesday.


Queen hates selfies

If you’re fed up with the growing trend of taking selfies, then you’re in good company, with the Queen herself said to find it “strange” that she sees nothing but the back of mobile phones when she looks up.


Five best apps for easier travel

From an instant photo translator to an app which compresses webpages, saving you precious data, discover the five best apps to simplify your travel experience.

Safety Online

Cyber attacks could shutdown cities

A new CSIRO report warns that the dangers of cyber attacks are being greatly overlooked in Australia. Are we at risk?

Mobile Phones

Review: Simple senior friendly phone

This week, Drew reviews the latest affordable senior friendly mobile phone to hit the market.


Five tips for buying a computer

Buying a new or used computer can be a daunting task with CPU, RAM and gigabytes flying all over the place, but what do you really need to know to get the best product at the right price?


Understanding acronyms

Drew shares commonly used text chat acronyms and what they mean.


Protect your smartphone

With the average smartphone retailing for more than $500, these three protection tips could save you hundreds in repair bills.

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