Shock changes to Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is set to shake up the computer industry on Friday when its latest operating system, Windows 8, is launched. With Apple slowly gaining more of a market share every day, these radical new changes could deliver the knock-out punch to the Apple brand of computers.


4G wifi devices

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still at least two to three years away for most Australians, 4G wifi networks are becoming a viable option for a faster internet connection. Drew explains where 4G coverage is currently available and how much a connection will cost.

Computer Tutorials

Increase text size

Deteriorating vision is something which is ‘enjoyed’ by those who are lucky enough to be getting older. Drew explains how to increase the text size on any website.


Should I replace my PC with an iPad?

YOURLifeChoices answers subscriber Joyce’s question on whether an iPad is an effective replacement for her desktop computer. Drew explains.

Safety Online

Stop your iPhone tracking you

Ever since the software release of iOS4, Apple has been tracking your every move. In its latest update, iOS6, Apple has installed a button which allows you to limit tracking. Drew explains how to find the hidden button and turn off tracking.

Safety Online

‘Friend scam’ warning

One of the most successful, and largest growing, scams to hit Australia is the ‘friend scam’. Someone hacks your friend’s email account, and then sends an email to all of your friend’s contacts asking for help. Drew explains how to identify these types of scams and what actions you should take.

Computer Tutorials

How to fix your own computer

Drew Patchel explains how to find a quick fix to your computer problems without having to pay for help.

Career Doctor

Staying relevant

Getting up to speed with technology is an invaluable way to avoid being left behind in the workplace. Susan Moir explains how you can painlessly conquer new technology.


From movies to reality

If we believe what we see in the movies, then 2012 is the year we will meet our destiny as the apocalypse arrives. While this may be movie madness to the extreme, there is plenty of futuristic technology that now has its place in everyday life.

Free Downloads

Free iPhone map apps

The latest update to the Apple iPhone has seen the release of Apple’s very own mapping software. The maps are full of glitches and errors (the MCG is missing entirely!), causing chaos for some users. Drew reviews three free mapping alternatives for your iPhone to get you back on the (correct) road.

No consent needed for NBN

As the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) continues, homeowners no longer have to consent to the Government-owned NBN Co entering their property to install the fibre-optic connections. This is now possible due to a move from the cumbersome consent system to automatic installation, enabled under the Telecommunications Act.


iPhone 5 – Is it worth upgrading?

The release of the iPhone 5 has been met with mixed reactions. However, that didn’t stop many Apple fanatics camping outside the stores to be the first to own the new phone. Drew reviews the iPhone 5 and explains how much it will cost.

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