Viruses & Antivirus

Do you practice safe internet?

With 2.26 billion people now using the internet, cyber criminals are ramping up their efforts to gain access to your private information. Drew explains the risks and how to stay protected. n

Mobile Phones

Simple mobile phone

YOURLifeChoices member Cathy is looking for a simple pre-paid mobile phone without any of the bells and whistles. Drew has found three mobiles that suit Cathy’s needs.


Keep your smartphone secure

A high number of smartphone users are leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft and fraud by not setting a password. Drew explains how to set up a password on four different smartphones and how to choose a secure code.

Tutorials / How To

Unfollowing on Twitter

Unlike Facebook, there are more subtle ways to remove someone from your timeline. Drew explains how to remove a follower without the embarrassment if they do find out.

Computer Tutorials

Help fix my Facebook woes

YOURLifeChoices member Christine is at the end of her tether with her Mac. She has followed Drew’s defragging advice, which helped, but Facebook is playing up. Can Drew help?


iPhone home button not working

YOURLifeChoices member Ian has been enjoying his iPhone 4 which he purchased several months ago. Over the past two weeks his home button has been getting stuck. Drew explains how to work around the issue if Ian cannot get his phone replaced.


Affordable Australian internet alternative

Joyce likes that her internet provider offers an Australian support service, but isn’t so happy about the price she’s being charged. Drew offers her a few alternatives.


Website gardening

There are many websites around which offer information on different aspects of gardening but which ones are worth bookmarking?

Computer Tutorials

Speed up your computer

Have you noticed your computer slowing down over the past year? Drew explains how a simple defrag can restore your computer to its former glory.


Hotmail changes

The most used online email service in the world, Hotmail, has undergone its first major revamp in eight years and will receive a name change. Drew explains why this has happened and how the changes will affect your emailing experience.

Health & Ageing

Technology for aged care

More than 90 per cent of Australians wish to age in their own home. Find out how these technological advancements can help you or your parents remain at home for longer without compromising on safety or health.


Microsoft Surface

A little late to the table, Microsoft has finally revealed their first highly anticipated tablet computer called the Surface. Drew explains why the Surface is a huge leap into the competitive tablet market for Microsoft and why you might buy one.

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