What to do when you lose your phone

Losing your mobile phone can cost you thousands of dollars and pose a serious security risk. Learn what to do both before and after your phone disappears to minimise the damage and, hopefully, get it back

Vacationing with technology

More people are using technology on holiday than ever before

Mr iPhone’s Holiday

More people are using the internet to plan holidays than for work

Computer Tutorials

Making the most of your google searches

Each year more words get added to the dictionary, but when it comes to terms which are truly synonymous with the 21st century, then ‘Google it’ is surely at the top of the figurative search results.


How to get your texts for free

SMS is fast becoming the preferred means of communication between Australians and with a little know how, sending a text message need not cost you a cent.

Things are getting out of hand

The art of handwriting could soon become a relic of the past. Reports this morning are suggesting that handwriting skills are in decline amongst secondary school students in Australia. This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to many people as we’ve seen technology use multiply in the past 15-20 years. Yet I still believe that handwriting is worth fighting for.

Handwriting skills on decline

Increased computer use is being blamed for the decline in handwriting skills among secondary school students. Ross Huggard, the vice-president of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English claims that poor handwriting skills have become such a big problem that some students can’t even read their own writing.


Getting the most out of an app

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Barry is enjoying his TuneIn Radio app on his phone but wants to know how to make the most of the included features. Drew helps him by providing some useful information. n n

Online Magazine

How to make your smartphone your best friend

As with any technology in our lives, things eventually break. Until it stopped working, Amy had been relying on her computer as her access to the online world. She was left with a tough decision: fork out the cash for another computer or upgrade her mobile phone plan and use a smartphone for her daily internet access.

Social Networking

Demystifying YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest community websites on the internet today, and it has something for everyone. Many less ‘tech-savvy’ users can be turned off by the initial confusion of YouTube’s layout. Follow Rachel’s simple YouTube survival guide and start to understand what all the fuss is about.



There are many health-related apps available to you. So what makes iHealth different? Discover how you can monitor your weight, blood pressure and heart-rate without ever visiting the doctor.

Online Shopping

Earning from eBay

Trading on the belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, online auction site eBay has taken the world by storm. This online community, allows you to sell items and hidden treasures that you no longer need or want. n

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