New iPhone expected for September

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 5s at an event on 10 September as well as a less expensive iPhone named the 5C.


Vodafone $5 a day roaming plan

Vodafone has announced plans to give their customers the ability to use their local plans overseas for just $5 a day.


Locate your missing Android device

Five years after the launch of its Android software, Google has finally released software to help Android users find their phone.

Shopping scams rise 65 per cent

More than half the Australian population now shop online, so it comes as no surprise that fraudsters have ramped up their online operations. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently reported a 65 per cent rise in online shopping scams with more than 8000 victims last year reporting losses of over $4 million last year.


Smartphone watches on the horizon

Is the smartwatch a necessary device or just a waste of money?


Gmail changes your inbox again

Are the latest changes to Gmail user friendly, or simply a money grab by Google?


Email scam warning

An increasing number of Australians fall victim to scam emails every year

Computer Tutorials

Techie health checks

These techie health checks will help to keep your technology running as new


Managing internet bookmarks

YOURLifeChoices member George has received a hand-me-down computer from his son filled with ‘bookmarks’. Drew explains how George can delete the current bookmarks and add his favourites.

Aged Care

What’s in a Smart Home?

Do you actually know what technology is involved in a smart home?


Google Wallet

A new online payment system with free money transfers.

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