Steve Jobs - iSad

Born in San Francisco, California in 1955, Steve Jobs was adopted and raised by Paul and Clara Jobs. You would be hard pressed to find any person with an understanding of technology who wouldn’t argue that Steve Jobs significantly changed the world. But what few understand is his impact on the world outside of his job at Apple.


USB hard drive versus USB flash drive

In this day and age we’re flooded with technical jargon, so mixing up your flash drives and your hard drives is perfectly forgivable. But what is the difference? The tech gurus at YOURLifeChoices are here to lay out the facts.


Travel Q&A - Mobile Internet

I want to be able to check my emails and research tourist destinations on my laptop but I'm wondering if I will get internet in remote areas?


Travel Q&A - Staying in touch while on the road

I am planning a long caravan trip around Australia and want to stay in contact with my family, what is the easiest way to do this?

Mobile Phones

Senior-friendly phone

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jenny has found the holy grail of mobile phones, one which is easy to use and affordable. If you’re in the market for a new phone, you might want to read Jenny’s review.


Three future life-changing gadgets

The world of technology is evolving rapidly. Drew has chosen three life-changing gadgets he believes will shape our world in years to come.


Which Travel Technology is right for you?

The 21st century holiday mindset has shifted from 'getting away from it all' to ‘staying in touch with it all”, yet this is not necessarily a negative. Today YOURLifeChoices takes a look at three relatively new, similar technologies which can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Safety Online

SMS Scams

Webmaster, Drew, got an SMS on his mobile phone yesterday claiming he had won $120,000 and had to reply to claim it. An obvious scam, which can cost you hundreds of dollars if you reply!

Federal Government

Set-top boxes explained

Is the government-funded set-top box really new? The 2011/12 Federal Budget delivered continued funding for the Household Assistance Scheme to provide eligible pensioners with a free set-top box. As this is already in operation, it seems strange that the announcement provoked such political backlash. n


Telstra T-Hub

This week Webmaster Drew reviews the latest touch-screen home phone which is making life easier for many Australians.

Computer Tutorials

Changing capital letters to lower case in Microsoft Word and Open Office

There is nothing worse than receiving an email or downloading a document that is written in capital letters. Drew shows us how to change full sentences in the click of a button.

Computer Tutorials

How to Convert Measurements Online

It can be frustrating if, when you are shopping online and you find that you cannot calculate the exchange rate and end up spending more than you bargained for.

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