Technology News

Telstra to pay $25 million in refunds for slow internet speeds

Telstra will pay $25 million in refunds to almost 50,000 customers after it failed to notify them they were receiving slower than promised internet speeds.


Finally, there's an app that maps COVID activity near you

Want to find out if a COVID case has been anywhere near your home, work or night out? At long last, there's a decent app for that.


How you can join the fight against serious financial crime

Would you be able to spot a financial criminal?


These smart home gadgets help in ways beyond imagination

Want to impress the kids? Try fitting out your home with these smart gadgets.

Technology News

Virtual reality is benefitting seniors around the world

Studies are being carried out to see how older adults respond to virtual reality and whether it can improve their sense of wellbeing.

Technology News

Australians are now paying more for mobile plans

Millions of Australian consumers will pay more for their mobile phone plans after recent price increases by all three big telco companies.


What is 'Other' in iPhone storage and can you delete it?

If you're an iPhone user, check your storage now by selecting Settings, then General and then iPhone Storage.

Secure Access

How to get around difficult two factor authentication issues

If you fear the hassle of 2FA, there is an easier way.


How rain, wind and heavy weather can affect your internet connection

When your Netflix stream drops out in the middle of a rainstorm, can you blame the wild weather?


Smartphone essentials that you should never travel without

Ben runs his eye over the latest travel gadgets that could make your next trip much easier.


The massive fail that is still costing you millions

Contact tracing was, and is, a key to controlling the spread of the coronavirus. But did the COVIDSafe app achieve its aims?


Simple ways to silence robocalls and other nuisances

There are few things more annoying than nuisance phone calls from private numbers.

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