Internet Deals

Review your plan and save

One simple phone call to your internet service provider or mobile internet provider could save you $$$ every month, so perhaps it’s time to check if you’re receiving value for money.

Mobile Phones

Best mobile phone plans

Rachel makes choosing a mobile plan simple by showing you some of the best mobile phone plans available in Australia.


Free smartphone antivirus app

Did you know that your smartphone can get viruses and that any information you type in or look at may not be secure? Protect yourself with a free smartphone virus protector.


Who uses Apps?

If you’re not sure if you’re the kind of person who may use an App, perhaps you need some suggestions on what kind of Apps are available.


Why bother with an app?

When you can access just about any website from your phone or tablet, why would you bother with an app?


What is an App?

App, short for application, is now such a commonplace term that there is an assumption everyone knows what one is. If you’re unsure, Rachel has a simple explanation.

eReaders & eBooks

Free e-books

E-book readers continue to be one of the most popular buys for tech savvy Australians, such as YOURLifeChoices member Lois. While she loves her new gadget, Lois would like to know where she can download free e-books.


Backing up your iPhone/iPad

There is nothing worse than losing your mobile phone and having to start from scratch with all of your contacts. Drew explains how to back up your contacts, photos and purchased apps in less than five minutes.

Safety Online

Worst passwords of 2012

Password management application firm SplashData has released their annual list of the most common passwords used on the internet with some surprising results. Drew shares the list and explains how to create a secure password.


14th Australian Computer Conference for Seniors

The Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) is holding its 14th Australian Computer Conference for Seniors in Sydney this November. Why not drop in for two days of learning and sharing ideas with like-minded people?


Shock changes to Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is set to shake up the computer industry on Friday when its latest operating system, Windows 8, is launched. With Apple slowly gaining more of a market share every day, these radical new changes could deliver the knock-out punch to the Apple brand of computers.


4G wifi devices

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still at least two to three years away for most Australians, 4G wifi networks are becoming a viable option for a faster internet connection. Drew explains where 4G coverage is currently available and how much a connection will cost.

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