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Where to buy online

Just like buying from a retail store, you need to shop around online to find the best price. Drew lists 10 of the best websites to find a bargain online.

Computer Tutorials

Cleaning your computer

Keeping your computer clean is the easiest and cheapest way to ensure it runs to its full potential. But just how do you clean those hard-to-reach corners without damaging your computer?

Computer Tutorials

Changing your computer to English (Australia)

There is nothing more frustrating than relying on spell check to then realise your document is not set to Australian English rules. Webmaster Drew explains how to ensure you are talking Australian.


No place to hide

Recently a YOURLifeChoices member wrote in telling us about when applying for a local council parking permit he was asked, “Why do you need a parking permit, when you have a parking spot in your backyard?” n

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Internet for Nomads

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Sally, wants to know her internet options for when she takes to the road in her camper trailer.

Technology Q&A

Broadband demand exceeds supply

I live in Hoppers Crossing and we decided to go broadband from dial up, only to be told that there is no room at the exchange!

Technology Q&A

Emergency mobile communication

I was wondering if there is a product that can be worn by a pensioner in & out of home for emergency calling. My father is 85 and lives alone and there are no relatives living in a close proximity. All family live in another state.


Mobile phone plans explained

Choosing the wrong mobile phone plan can be a costly error but working your way through the myriad of information available is almost impossible as YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Brian, has found.


Checklist for buying a PC

Much emphasis is placed on components, speed and storage when purchasing a computer, but do you really need everything for which you are paying?

Computer Tutorials

Is wireless worth it?

I currently have a mobile and Broadband and phone via landline. I am in very close proximity to a tower, which has Next G etc so I was wondering if there are any disadvantages in changing over to wireless internet and giving up my landline phone. I would save at least $30/mth and probably have a better internet service. I don't use my landline phone very much at all so the extra charge for mobile calls is not significant.


Should you upgrade or repair your computer?

When your computers not working as it should be and you don’t have a clue what the problem is, do you call someone in to repair it or do you make the choice to upgrade?

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