Travel Q&A

Does flight mode really matter when you are flying?

Matthew has been on plenty of flights where he has seen people using their phones with abandon and none have fallen from the skies. He wants to know if it is a con.

Health news

The dark side of electronic medical records

Electronic medical records are complex software systems made up of all sorts of confidential information like vital signs, notes about a patient's symptoms and prescribed medications.


Got some vintage tech gathering dust? Here's how you can cash in

With demand for vintage gadgets on the rise, here's how the retro tech revival could make you some money.

Technology News

Ombudsman finds significant problems with telco sales practices

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has revealed that sales tactics in the industry often lead to consumers signing up for products and services they don't need.

Technology News

Why Apple's new 'app tracking transparency' has angered Facebook

Apple users across the globe are adopting the latest operating system update, called iOS 14.5, featuring the now-obligatory new batch of emojis.

Technology News

Telstra accused of overselling to older Australians

Reports of loyal customers being sold products they didn't want or need.


Google Maps is about to become more intelligent than ever

Google announces that it is bringing more than 100 artificial intelligence improvements to Google Maps.


Personal safety devices for when you're feeling vulnerable

These gadgets can help you feel safer when walking alone.

Centrelink News

PM promises Budget funds for myGov makeover

Lengthy wait times for government services may soon be a thing of the past as government announces $1.2 billion digital strategy.

Technology News

Pandemic technology boosts trust in government

The Trust Imperative 2 report finds that using pandemic technologies has boosted public trust in government.


Netflix explores technology to target older demographic

The prospect of constantly searching and researching for shows worth watching on streaming services are a major block to older adults taking up the technology. But Netflix has a solution.


Five of the best fitness trackers to suit any budget

Whether running, walking or cycling, these handy tech companions can optimise your activity.

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