Australia’s first taste of 5G was not 5G at all

It seems that multiple media reports that Telstra was rolling out 5G throughout the Gold Coast in order to test it on the locals and CommGames goers and to evaluate the technology were all wrong.


One in two report phone and internet issues in 2017

Complaints about telcos widespread and most were unresolved four months later, ombudsman finds.


Mobile users cut off for 10 days

The Telstra mobile service in three busy suburbs will be shut down for up to 10 days.

National Broadband Network

Optus admits customers in the slow lane

Last month, Telstra was apologising and compensating customers for slower-than-advertised NBN speeds. This week, Optus is in the hot seat.


Watchdog forces Telstra to refund charges for slow NBN

In a stunning coup for aggrieved customers of Telstra’s NBN service, the carrier yesterday agreed to pay refunds to those who were not receiving advertised internet speeds.


Three affordable smartphones under $200

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford an up-to-date smartphone. These devices all cost under $200 and have features rivalling some of their $1000 competitors.


Overseas call centres are selling your private data

Overseas call centres have been frustrating Australians for years, and now they’re selling our private data. When will Australian businesses accept their responsibilities?


How to receive voicemails as text messages

How to save time and stress by receiving voicemails as text messages straight to your phone.


CHOICE questions Telstra’s “premium price” after major outages

After a series of network outages, consumer group CHOICE claims Telstra customers should be allowed to break fixed contracts.


Email scam hits 20,000 Telstra customers

Telstra customers are advised to be wary this week, as a new scam aiming to rob them of their credit card details has been discovered.


Telstra denies the church influenced its decision to abandon gay marriage advocacy

Telstra is in hot water over its reported decision to abandon the marriage equality debate, after the Catholic church allegedly threatened the telco with removing all of its accounts if it persisted with the controversial issue.

Seniors Finance

Telstra charge for paying cash

Toby has noticed a charge of $3.20 on his Telstra bill, just because he pays in cash, and he would like to know if this is allowed?

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