Future of mental health uncertain

The future of over 70 mental health organisations is under threat as Commonwealth grants end on 30 June, and the certainty of funding is yet to be confirmed.

Federal Budget

Abbott to ‘pocket your pension’

Federal Labor MPs will use the break from Parliament to lobby against cuts to the Age Pension, campaigning on behalf of pensioners with the slogan: ‘Don’t Pocket Our Pension’.


Government gives back your money

Today the Abbott Government is expected to reverse legislation that moves inactive account balances after just three years.


Coalition pushes pension review

In a response to negative publicity surrounding proposed changes to pensions, the Federal Government has offered to set up an independent review of pension rates.


Backbenchers target pension cuts

Liberal MP Andrew Laming told Fairfax Media yesterday that a group of government backbenchers have been pushing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to reconsider legislation changes which may reduce the pension.


Abbott safe as PM, for now

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll results have allowed Tony Abbott to breathe a sigh of relief as the Coalition made up significant ground in the two-party preferred vote.


AMA calls on PM to fix Medicare

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) believes that a priority for ‘good Government’ is to review and rehabilitate its unpopular health policies.


Spill motion voted down

Tony Abbott’s leadership of his party remains intact with 61 Liberal MPs and senators voting against a spill motion.


Poll shows PM's dip in popularity

The latest poll indicates that Tony Abbott is losing his grip on the top job.

Federal Government

The PM, the Press Club & pensions

Yesterday, beleaguered PM Tony Abbott fronted the National Press Club to spell out his policies and strategy for the coming year.


To the polls in the Sunshine State

Queenslanders are off to the polls on Saturday. With federal Labor politicians literally everywhere and the PM nowhere, what difference can, or should, the Feds make?


Devaluing the Honours List

One has served his Queen and country; the other is simply married to the Queen, yet both have been given the honour of a knighthood on the Australia Day Honours list.

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