Health system in turmoil

The scrapping of the most recent iteration of the Medicare rebate cuts may be a win for patients, but it suggests a health system in turmoil and no clear direction on how to get it back on track.


PM on board with IS rebrand

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has joined leaders and governments across the world in referring to the IS group as DAESH – a name which the death cult finds intolerable.


Protect the Age Pension

Will you hold Mr Abbott to his promise on the eve of the 2013 election that there would be "no changes to pensions"


GST on food, health and education

Changes to the GST will be considered as part of the taxation white paper process, and may result in a 10 per cent tax on fresh food, health and education.

Word of the week

Word of the year 2014

It’s been a year chock-full of memorable trigger words, and it’s no surprise what is the 2014 official word of the year.


Poor ranking heats climate debate

Australia is now the worst-performing developed nation when it comes to climate action, according to a survey by European non-government organisations.

Victorian election a warning to PM

Victorian voters sent a message to Canberra by voting out a one-term state government for the first time in almost 60 years. Have they put the Federal Government on notice?


$7 GP co-payment on chopping block

Due to the inevitable defeat of the legislation in the Senate, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has all but walked away from his government’s $7 GP co-payment proposal.


ABC to suffer more cuts

The ABC is set to lose an additional $50 million following government cuts.


World leaders in the hot seat

What are the outcomes of the G20 summit which was held in Brisbane over the weekend.

Abbott, Shorten tied for PM vote

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are tied as preferred Prime Minister.


Direct Action to pass the Senate

The Federal Government has struck a deal with crossbench senators to pass its $2.55 billion Direct Action climate plan, but won’t be abolishing the Climate Change Authority

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