Ebola affected visa ban

In a move to ensure Australia remains Ebola free, the Government has announced that no visas will be issued to those from Ebola-affected countries.

Bishop burqa ban backflip

The controversial ban on the burqa in Parliament House has been reversed by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and her Senate counterpart.


Clean power to the people

National Divestment Day saw many Australians moving money from companies which profit from fossil fuels.


Parliamentary burqa ban

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he doesn’t support banning the burqa from being worn in Australia, but he appears to back a ban on the burqa being worn in Parliament House.


Islam is not IS

Australian Imams headed by the Grand Mufti of Australia, have made their position very clear¬ – there’s nothing Islamic about IS.

Tony Abbott's first year

Tony Abbott has completed his first year as Prime Minister and while it’s been a bumpy one, how do you rate his performance? If you’re not sure, why not watch this video on how others have perceived his first year?


One year on

On the anniversary of his party’s election, Tony Abbott has taken a reflective look over the last year and promised to repair the budget and help those most vulnerable.


Australia to send weapons to Iraq

Tony Abbott has agreed to Australia delivering arms and munitions to Kurdish forces in Iraq.


Abbott to bill for fund raiser

LNP senator Ian Macdonald slammed Mr Abbott for his tardiness after he turned up an hour late to the regular Liberal and National MP meeting yesterday, suggesting Mr Abbott’s priority should be to the party room meeting.


Pensioners will pay

Pensioners will not be exempt from paying the $7 GP co-payment after Tony Abbott rejected the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) recommendation, however, children may not be charged the fee.


Julie Bishop a “complete fool”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been described as a “complete fool”.

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