The carbon tax is here to stay

The Senate yesterday voted to reject the carbon tax repeal.


What will really change today?

Discover exactly which budget items will take effect today.

PM writes pensioners a letter

Despite the plans to cut Australia Post snail mail deliveries from five days a week to three, it is reported that the Federal Government will post a personally addressed letter to 2.4 million age pensioners, in an attempt to explain changes to the pension post Budget 2014.


Call to drop GP fee for pensioners

Terry Barnes, former policy consultant to Tony Abbott and the person responsible for recommending a GP fee to the Commission of Audit, came out yesterday and suggested that payments to carers and pensioners should be increased to soften the impact of the fee. This compensation could come in the form of a “one-off adjustment of $70,” said Mr Barnes.


Bolt ‘deranged’ says Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull has called Andrew Bolt ‘deranged’ and ‘unhinged’.


PM’s daughter received scholarship

The PM’s daughter received a scholarship after being recommended...

A fair budget?

Research shows poorest contribute the most.

Bill’s Budget response

Bill Shorten delivered a stinging attack on the Abbott Government’s first budget last night.


The Coalition breaks key promises

Several key Coalition promises were broken in Tuesday’s budget.

Federal Budget

Federal Budget 2014 summary

It may have been his first Federal Budget, but that didn’t stop him from hitting hard and few Australians have been spared at least some budget pain. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been reading about possible cost savings and revenue raising measures, so let’s find out what is included and what was simply deemed too unpalatable for the Australian public to digest.

Our budget black hole

Fixing the budget black hole.


Ageing population not a burden

The increasing cost of the Age Pension is not due to demographic ageing.

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