Can we trust the polls?

Are Neilson and Newspoll giving inaccurate polling results?

Tony’s baby blowout

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott launched his $5.5 billion Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme in a café full of yummy mummies.

The leaderless country*

Yesterday’s wash-up from the great debate and Mr. Abbott’s suppository gaffe seem to confirm we have hit rock bottom in Australian politics.

Federal Budget 2013-14

Budget spending locked in for a decade

Spending on education and DisabilityCare could be locked in for the next ten years

$150K women of calibre

The past 24 hours has seen many attacks on Tony Abbott’s PPL scheme

Who’s really rotten?

An email from the Liberal Party claims “40,000 illegal arrivals under Labor”

Federal Government

NDIS levy to go to election

In a surprise move which left many media outlets red-faced, Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday announced that legislation to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) through a Medicare levy would not be presented to Parliament until after the September election.

Election 2013

Prime Minister Julia Gillard caught the pundits by surprise yesterday when she announced 14 September as the date for this year’s election. In doing so she has surrendered the incumbent government’s traditional advantage of surprise, stating that she felt this would bring more certainty to business, investors, individuals and consumers by allowing them to plan their year and that "It should be clear to all which are the days of governing and which are campaigning.” The Prime Minister went on to say, “I will ask Australians to endorse my aim to build a strong, smart, fair Australia.”

Polls apart – not any more

Despite the drop in popularity of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), it seems that when it comes to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, neither one is really pulling away in the polls.

Dole bludgers bleed millions from taxpayers

Recently released figures show that 105 Victorians have been out of work for more than two decades, claiming the equivalent of $26 million in payments.…

Electricity is overpriced

It’s official. Even the Prime Minister thinks that Australian energy costs are excessive. In a speech yesterday Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave the states until December to take the pressure off electricity prices or be hit with “the big stick of regulation”.

Scrapper Abbott

Ever since losing the election, Tony Abbott has been taking a stand against the majority of reforms put forward by the Federal Government. Mr Abbott has promised to scrap many of the reforms if he gets into power and has now set his sights on the Heath Rebate Means Test.

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