Uber loses its London licence

Uber has lost the right to operate in London, due to repeated misdemeanours committed by drivers.


Uber launches scuBer and eyes the sky next

Uber is taking to the sky and sea with two new rideshare offerings that could change the face of travel and transport in general.


Affluents bear brunt of increased costs

Transport and recreation post biggest cost-of-living increases with the Affluent tribes most affected.


Connections: The changes that have rocked our world

Has life been a roller-coaster of change for you? We start with the horse and cart and head to a text message exchange 35,000 feet over the Pacific.


Travel SOS: how to hire a car without any hassle

When travelling, hiring a car is a good way to get about, but too often people return a hire car only to be hit by a whopping bill. What can you do to stop this from happening?


Ciao Bella Roma: How to hit the ground running

When landing in a new country, one of the first challenges is getting from the airport to your accommodation. Cost, time and ease of transport are the factors that vary. Here’s Kaye’s experience getting to the heart of Roma.

European Rail Tours

Five reasons to travel Eurostar

With frequent timetables and incredible efficiency, Eurostar is a great alternative to flying between the UK and mainland Europe. Here are five very good reasons for doing so.

Travel News

Older Aussies would rather change their driving habits than use public transport

According to a roads research survey, middle-aged and older Australians would rather change their driving habits to avoid traffic than catch public transport.

Your Health

Enjoy more freedom & mobility

Being diagnosed with a respiratory condition no longer means long days of being tethered to a heavy oxygen cylinder and restriction of your mobility.


What is Google Now?

A predictive information tool to make your life easier.

Myki mayhem in Melbourne

The $1.4 billion myki ticketing system has come under fire once again this week, but not for the usual reasons. Myki has been slowly transitioning Victorians from the current Metcard system to the new myki system and this week saw the removal of monthly and weekly Metcards from sale. This has seen an increase from 39% of validations using the myki system to 46%.


Aged Care in the home

Most Australian wish to be remain in their own home as they age and there are a number of packages which can assist them to do so. YOURLifeChoices explains which packages can be arranged through Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and what they mean.