Travel gadgets to keep you warm on a cold flight

Pack these carry-on essentials to stay warm on a cold flight.


Finally, a supportive travel companion

With feedback including ‘life changing’ this footrest is a must have for anyone over four feet who wants to sleep on a plane.

Health news

Pharmacist shares tips and gadgets for safe holiday travel

Many older Australians will be hitting the roads, skies and seas this holiday season, and many will need to take essential medicines with them. Pharmacist Gerard Stevens shares his top tips to ensure safe travel with medications.


The perfect toothbrush for your travel toiletries kit

Travelling doesn’t have to mean you give up your lifestyle – or your winning smile. Violife has created the world’s best-selling sonic toothbrush that’s perfect for your travel toiletries kit.


Liv’s budget compact washing kit

Avoid the whole laundromat experience and excessive laundry fees with Liv’s budget compact washing kit for staying fresh and clean on holiday.


The 100 places you must put on your bucket list

Lee Atkinson has driven the roads, walked the walks, camped and glamped, sampled the food, tried the tours, swum in the pools and at the beaches. For Nature Escapes, she has left no stone unturned.


Travel Gadget: Could this be the answer to sleeping on a plane?

The musical twist on this sleep mask might just grant you fussy sleepers a great night’s sleep in one of the most challenging sleep environments – the plane.


Travel Gadget: Bobby, the ultimate carry-on, anti-theft bag

Are you worried about thieves when you travel? Well, Bobby’s got your back. It’s the ultimate carry-on, anti-theft backpack and the most affordable travel bag we’ve seen this year.


A travel towel small enough to fit in your pocket

According to Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a towel is the most important item a traveller can possess, but they take up so much space. Not any more …


A handy device that will save baggage weight and space

Travelling somewhere with an important event upon arrival and can’t afford to get your suit crumpled on the journey? This compact suit folder might be for you.


Park your neck on this sofa

On trips abroad, sneaking in a few hours of sleep is a must, and anything that lets you do it effectively may be your greatest travel companion.


Make your next holiday (or day out) a true adventure

The Anywhere Travel Guide cards add equal parts fun, exploration and adventure to your travels, with 75 prompts that can really change the colour of your (holi)day.

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