Infographic: Best time to travel to these 12 cities

The clever crew at has created a super handy infographic that tells you the best time of the year to travel to 12 major cities around the globe.


Free app that will help prevent post-holiday bill shock

Save heaps on roaming fees and prevent post-holiday bill shock with this week’s Travel Gadget.


Travel Gadget: Using Tinder to meet people overseas

One of the most difficult aspects of solo travel is making friends while on holiday. But there may be a way to use dating apps to get your foot in the door of an overseas friendship.


In-ear, real-time translation is no longer science fiction

Sci-Fi fans may be dancing in their spandex uniforms, but the real winners here are travellers to foreign countries, with Google's Pixel Buds proving that in-ear, real-time translation is now science fact.


Travel Gadget: Is this the best travel gizmo ever?

You'll never be without a knife and fork (and spoon, bottle opener, leather punch and security against would-be muggers - just kidding) again, with this handy travel utility.


Travel Gadget: Noise-cancelling headphones under $100

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones will change your travel life, but they're usually quite expensive. However, you can pick some up for under $100 and they're well worth the investment.


The must-have fuel app for your next road trip

Planning a road trip across our wide brown land? The developers at WikiCamps have created a fantastic app to help travellers as they drive around Australia: Fuel Map.


Prynt Pocket is an instant camera in your pocket

Remember the old Polaroid thrill of seeing your photos come to life in your hand? How would you like to have an instant camera in your pocket? Well, with Prynt Pocket you can!

Travel News

Travel Gadget: SteriPEN gives you clean drinking water in seconds

We’re often told to be cautious when drinking water in other countries, on cruise ships or from public taps, but the SteriPEN Pure+™ can give you clean drinking water in 48 seconds.


Could this be the perfect travel purse?

Not only are Arden Cove purses, bags and wallets incredibly stylish, but they’re also waterproof, slash-proof and theft-proof, making them the perfect travel purse.


The world’s smallest and lightest laptop charger

At first, it seems like a great idea to take your laptop or tablet on the road (or in the air), until you factor in the space and weight that cables and chargers take up. Well, meet DART …


Cathay Pacific aims to help travellers remember their holiday

Cathay Pacific has developed a scientifically proven way to help you remember your holidays more clearly. How good would it be to have custom scents to help you recall your favourite trip?

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