The world’s first robot assistant and autonomous suitcase

How would you like a suitcase that carries itself to the airport? And what about a bag that acts less like baggage and more like an automated assistant? Well, meet Travelmate …


The smart wallet that will make wallet and phone theft history

The Volterman Smart Wallet is the greatest wallet ever made – and quite possibly the greatest travel gadget ever conceived.


Smartest suitcase ever?

With so many similar suitcases on offer these days it takes a lot to impress travellers. However ShelfPack has done just that.


Sea-bands will sort out your travel sickness

Nothing should come between you and your holiday, especially not sea or motion sickness. These bands will make sure nausea never holds you back again.


The Hedgren travel handbag you have to have

Seven years ago, my ex-boyfriend’s mum gave me the “best travel bag in the world”. While that relationship may not have lasted, I’m still going strong with the bag.


The next generation of umbrellas

Umbrellas, useful to have on hand in case of an unexpected downpour – not so handy to open, close or keep tabs on. Until now that is. Meet HAZ, the one umbrella you have to have.


Luggage tracking device

It’s always slightly nerve-racking parting with your luggage when you check in. Thankfully, there’s a way to track your luggage so you can rest assured you’ll always be reunited.

Travel News

The USB you need for travelling

There are handy USBs and then there’s the latest flash drive that you’ll wonder how you ever lived or travelled without.

Travel News

No picking this pocket

Somewhat ironically, this week’s travel gadget uses a pocket to beat pickpockets at their own game.


Kyza’s travel wallet offers a solution to passport problem

Like a Russian Babushka doll, the new travel wallet from Kyza offers a wallet within a wallet allowing you to keep your travel docs in one place, and then transfer to a smaller wallet.


This may be the world’s smallest travel steam iron

This powerful travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind and will help you look sharp, no matter where you are.


The only travel power adaptor you'll ever need

If you're tired of traipsing around the globe with a plethora of power adaptors, then this neat little travel gadget is for you.

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