The only travel backpack you need

Backpacks are a convenient way to travel, keeping your hands completely free to deal with more important issues. And this cutting edge design is leaving its predecessors for dead.

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An easy way to keep track of your travels

Let’s be honest: we all know we should try and keep track of our trips but in reality this is much easier said than done. Thankfully there’s now an app for that.

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CityButler app is your personal guide to the city

City guides: one of the most popular references to take travelling. But what’s even better, though? A city guide tailored specifically to your needs. All you need is this app.


The perfect roadtrip companion for your car

Planning a roadtrip? We’ve found a very handy travel accessory that will transform your cup holder into a handly little helper.

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The app that helps you use public transport while travelling

Aside from walking, public transport can be a cost-effective way to get around when travelling. Here’s how to catch it like a local.

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Lonely Planet has finally released its guidebooks as an app

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Lonely Planet has released its city guides as an app. The best bit? It’s free.

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Top travel app: Flio

Love travelling but hate anything to do with airports? You need the new, free app you need that takes the stress out of flying in three key ways.

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Travel gadget – handy rain hood

Packing for a short trip has just become a little easier with this nifty rain hood that will enable you to leave your rain jacket at home.


The best suitcase for travelling

Whether you only travel on the odd occasion or consider yourself quite the international jetsetter, your luggage can either make or, quite literally, break your trip.


The Hypnos Hoodie is the only neck pillow you need

Neck pillows – 90 per cent nightmare, 10 per cent handy travel accessory. Thankfully, this design makes them much more discreet, manageable and dare we say, fashionable? n

Travel Gadget: Chair cooler from Target

The perfect travel accessory to help you make the most of summer, the Wembley Chair Cooler makes kicking back and enjoying a cold drink easier than ever. n


Your tablet’s new travel partner

If you own a tablet then today’s gadget is for you. Designed to make your life easier, it lets you watch or read your tablet with your hands free for more important tasks.

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