Brilliant new beach mat

Beach mats may be considered a thing of the past, but if there’s one thing that can bring them back, it’s this innovative design. n


Future of outdoor lighting

Forget fumbling for your torch next time you’re left in the dark outdoors, the 02Tech Smart Lantern is lighting the way when it comes to the future of camping equipment.


The only travel jacket you need

Travel clothing simply looks daggy and rarely delivers any real benefits. However, nwith 15 clever features, this fashionable jacket bucks the trend. n

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Napping has never been so easy

The future of travel pillows is here and it’s looking mighty comfortable. A new take on the traditional travel pillow, it may look like a scarf but don’t looks can be deceiving.


Airport know how

There are many perks of travel, the new sights to be seen, food to be eaten, cultures to be discovered … and then there’s the time spent travelling and, even worse, waiting in airports.


Here’s how to book your next hotel

Hotel Tonight is turning the travel industry on its head and for good reason too.

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Hit the road with wifi

Apollo Motorhome Holidays has introduced portable wifi routers for hire around Australia.

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Smartest travel phone charger

This is the only portable phone charger you need to take with you when you travel.

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The best app according to everyone

Listed in Apple’s Apps of the Year for the past two years, this app is a must have.


Have you been everywhere man?

While not technically a travel gadget, this website is definitely worth a mention.

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Eat with locals

While not technically a travel gadget, EatWith is a genius website that allows you to have a meal at in-home dinner parties all around the world.


Clear car clutter

Do you have a road trip planned? Or do you just do a lot of driving? This week’s travel gadget is an essential for those who often find themselves in their car.

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