Travel News

Clean up your act

Contrary to popular misconception, packing doesn’t have to be a nightmare or messy affair. The perfect packing companion, these bags solve one of packing’s greatest problems.


How to book better

Have you heard the saying ‘you snooze you lose’? Well, DreamCheaper helps you do the opposite. Don’t book your next hotel without reading this first.

Travel News

Hands-free hanger

How often do you take a jacket only to not need it? This ingenious travel accessory solves that problem once and for all.


Farewell parking tickets forever

Let’s face it, there’s really nothing more annoying than getting a parking ticket. Thankfully there’s a new way to pay for parking, so say farewell to fines.


Say farewell to jet lag

Overseas travel is all fun and games until you get jet lag. Created by The University of Michigan, Entrain is a free travel app that helps to fight this sleep-interfering problem.


How to travel safely with wine

While one of the joys of travel is discovering new and exciting wines to bring home for yourself or as gifts, sadly, all too often it can end in disaster.


Crumpled City

Traditional maps can be hard to fold, and are vulnerable to becoming battered easily. Enter Crumpled City maps, a contemporary reinvention of the most basic travel tool.


Evaporative cooling hat

This week we offer details of a more wearable travel gadget – you’ll never look at any of your old hats in the same way again.


Coolest Cooler

It’s about time coolers came into the 21st Century. Making regular coolers look boring and a hassle to haul around just to carry some ice, meet the Coolest.


Scratch map

Unlike any other world map or globe, why not scratch destinations off your bucket list?


Headphone Splitter

Because sharing is caring, sometimes when you’re travelling it’s nice to watch a movie together or listen to the same music as your companion.


Smart suitcase

After having a few bad experiences with their luggage, the co-founders of Bluesmart came up with the world’s first smart carry-on suitcase.

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