United launches new tool to eliminate missed connections

United Airlines has developed a new tool that aims to eliminate missed connections from your itinerary.


Travel Gadget: Take your own passport pics

A new app called Passport Booth could save you time, money and, most importantly, the embarrassment of having your passport photo taken at your local post office.


The simple essential for any pro-traveler

This simple multipurpose travel gadget will keep you looking sharp and help you out of multiple jams.


We reveal five must-have travel gadgets of 2018

Looking back on the year, here are the top five travel gadgets from 2018 – according to you.


A super handy gadget to keep all your bags in check

So you’ve got some baggage, maybe a lot of baggage, or maybe you get stressed dragging your belongings from A to B. This gadget is for you.


The travel accessory store you've all been waiting for

With over 500,000 products from 40 local and international travel product and luggage brands, The Travel Store from Amazon Australia has everything you’ll ever need for your next holiday.


Travel Gadget Rewind: Travel accessories time has forgotten

What were once essential travel gadgets and accessories are now considered retro, vintage or are long-forgotten, such as these seven superseded contraptions.


The travel bag your suitcase doesn’t want you to know about

Piorama has created the universal bag that can be quickly and easily adjusted to become three different-sized bags, according to your travel needs.


Top four apps for getting around on holiday

From finding your way around a large city to seeking a public wifi hotspot, these handy ‘map’ apps will make getting around town much easier on your next holiday.


Three terrific travel accessories that fit on your keychain

These three tiny travel essentials can fit on your keychain and may prove to be oh-so-helpful while globetrotting. These three mini-sized essentials will have your back while you’re abroad.


An essential item to take onboard your next flight

This travel infinity scarf is not just a soft and warm ‘warmer-upper’. Beneath its stylish surface hides a secret u-shaped, inflatable travel pillow that’s barely noticeable until you put it to your lips and blow.


Travel Gadget: The ultimate travel belt for home and away

The FlipBelt is an ideal way to keep your passport, money and phone safe while you travel: but you can also use it back home for walking, exercise and any time you need to keep your hands free.

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