Where travel insurance companies stand on coronavirus-related claims

Have you purchased travel insurance recently for a future trip? Do you know if you’re still covered? Here’s where travel insurance companies stand on coronavirus-related claims.

Health Insurance

Zoom’s new cover means you’ll never again travel underinsured

Finally, a travel insurance company has announced it will cover Australians and New Zealanders with any pre-existing health condition.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Cancelled holidays occur more often than you’d think: report

New research conducted by insurer Budget Direct found that one in five holidays are cancelled before a traveller sets foot offshore.


Travel SOS: Does travel insurance cover bad weather?

Melissa was caught out by a snowstorm on her last trip to Europe and wonders whether she can get cover to prevent it happening when she travels there again next year.

Seniors Travel Insurance

How to ensure your travel insurance claim is successful

Ever had an unfortunate incident during your travels, only to find later that your insurance claim was unsuccessful because you were not adequately prepared?


Australia voted by Brits as the ‘riskiest destination’

A UK study has revealed that Australia is the riskiest destination for British tourists, with theft and lost or stolen passports to blame for this damming result.

Seniors Travel Insurance

The travel insurance policy exclusions you need to know

If you want to set and forget your next vacation, then study the clauses of travel insurance


Eight in 10 cruisers think they’re covered by Medicare

A survey released last week revealed that more than eight in 10 cruisers think Medicare covers them on a domestic cruise – or anywhere, for that matter.


Unvaccinated travellers may be voiding their travel insurance

While travel insurance is a must for any overseas holiday, there’s no point having it if you’re guilty of this simple oversight.


Travel mishaps where you can claim your money back

From an ostrich-riding injury to cancelling your trip because you’ve been called to jury duty, there are a range of unexpected incidents that Australian travellers can be reimbursed for.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel SOS: when should I buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is often a last minute thought, but this leaves people without cover should they have to cancel a non-refundable trip. So when should you actually buy your policy?


What to do if you are robbed in a foreign country

When travelling overseas, there’s almost nothing worse than getting mugged and experiencing that sinking feeling. But here’s what to do if it happens.

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