How big spenders avoid taking out travel insurance

If you have a credit card with bells and whistles, chances are it comes with free travel insurance.


One in three travellers experience a travel tribulation

New travel insurance data shows that one in three Australians experience some type of travel disaster while on a domestic holiday.


Travel SOS: travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Joe is going overseas but since his last trip he and his partner have had some health problems. He wants to know where to find travel insurance that won’t charge him an arm or a leg.


How will Tigerair grounding affect your Bali plans?

Tigerair’s grounding in Bali has left passengers stranded or travellers not sure whether their future flights will go ahead. So what is behind the chaos and how will it affect travel plans?


What’s hot in Berlin? Six wonderful things to do

There’s a little bit of something for everybody in Berlin, whether you want to immerse yourself in history, embark on a shopping spree or explore the city’s glorious attractions.


Travel SOS: Should you change your New Zealand travel plans?

When news of further earthquakes in New Zealand started to come through on Monday morning, as well as being concerned for those living there, many travellers started to think about whether they should cancel their own plans. So what is the current situation?


Boomers Travel Insurance – exclusive offer saves you 10 per cent

Are you planning a trip for Christmas? Get specialist online travel cover from Boomers Travel Insurance and save 10 per cent with this exclusive offer for YourLifeChoices members.


Cancelling your trip: can travel insurance help?

There’s nothing like the excitement of looking forward to your holiday, but when the unexpected happens and you need to cancel, will your travel insurance cover the costs?


Could travel be the secret to good health?

Travelling is not only good for the soul, but also for the body and mind. But is it possible to have a healthier life simply by travelling and seeing the world?

Seniors Travel Insurance

Do you need domestic travel insurance?

Whether you are exploring Australia for fun or taking an important business trip, having domestic travel insurance behind you can often mean an easy and assuring experience.


Chasing the sun: six destinations to help you escape the cold

When the sun goes away, it doesn’t mean you can’t still play! It might be winter Down Under, but around the world, spring and summer are blooming.


The beauty of travelling solo: tips for a brilliant trip

Travelling solo can be more fun than you may imagine. It’s your chance to carve your mark in the world and live your life to the fullest.

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