Travel Q&A

Can I get a refund?

Lisa has read dire warnings about her destination and wants to know if she can get refunds on her airfares and accommodation because of recent terrorist activity.


When is shoulder season?

Beth has been told that the cheapest time to travel overseas is during shoulder season, but she wants to know what and when shoulder season is. So we share a list of shoulder seasons around the globe.


Most common dilemmas of 2018

One of the most gratifying facets of our work is being able to help real-life travellers with their travel dilemmas. Here are the top five travel dilemmas we’ve solved this year.


Saving money on solo travel

Maggie wants to travel alone next year but is afraid she won’t have enough money to spoil herself. So, she’s asked Leon for some tips on saving money on solo travel.


Why can’t I get an upgrade?

Beryl is a seasoned flyer who’s never been bumped up to business class, even when the pointy end of the plane seems empty – and she wants to know why.


Travel SOS: What is a line cruise?

Maggy wants to know if she can take a one-way cruise and has asked whether she should take a repositioning cruise or a line cruise. She’s unsure of the difference, so we’ve asked Dean Brazier, managing director of Cruise & Maritime Voyages Australia, if he can explain it to her.


Is piracy still a real threat?

When it comes to piracy, cruise lines prepare for defence in a number of ways. We hope to put Penny at rest when it comes to the likelihood of a pirate attack on her cruise ship.


Providing proof of onward travel

YourLifeChoices reader Carl is travelling to America in October on a one-way ticket but he has been informed that he may need to provide proof of onward travel so he doesn’t get kicked off his flight.


Splitting between cash and card

Joan is confused about how she should divide her travel budget. How much cash should she carry and how much should she place on a prepaid card?


Rethinking the window seat

We explain to Margie why she shouldn’t be afraid of the window seat in the wake of last month’s freak accident involving a passenger being partially sucked out of a plane.

Seniors Travel Insurance

When should I buy insurance?

Travel insurance is often a last minute thought, but this leaves people without cover should they have to cancel a non-refundable trip. So when should you actually buy your policy?


Repositioning cruises explained

Manuela wants to book a cruise and has heard about repositioning cruises but isn't quite sure how they work (and how she'll get home). So Leon gives her the lowdown on why a repositioning cruise may be the best value voyage.

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