Travel SOS: How to keep your passport safe

Mel is heading to China and has heard stories of passports being stolen by muggers in the region. She's asked Leon for tips on how she can keep her passport safe and secure.


Travel SOS: What happens if you miss your connecting flight?

Harvey has just booked tickets to the USA but is worried that he hasn’t enough time between flights when he transfers at LAX. So, he’s asked Leon what would happen if he missed his connecting flight.


Travel SOS: The best ways to book shore excursions

Atticus has booked his cruise but wants to know when it's best to reserve his shore excursions, and if he'll get a better deal by booking directly with onshore providers.


Managing money while travelling

Graeme’s Travel SOS is all about how best to handle his finances while travelling – and would like to know if travellers cheques are still a ‘thing’.


Travel SOS: is it safe to go to Barcelona?

Six months ago, Alma booked flights so she could visit her family in Barcelona next month. In Travel SOS, Leon offers her some tips to help her stay safe in the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.


Travel SOS: how can I find inexpensive accommodation in Hawaii?

Marie wants to know if there’s such a thing as inexpensive hotels in Hawaii. In Travel SOS, Rachel shares some super suggestions that are sure to save Marie’s money.

Travel Q&A

Travelling overseas with ashes

The final resting place of a loved one needs careful consideration, especially if you’re planning to take ashes overseas, but what permissions need to be in place?

Travel News

Travel SOS: affordable business class upgrades

In this week’s Travel SOS, Kay O’Sullivan has some pointers for Mary who is keen to grab a business class bargain.


Low-cost accommodation options

David is hoping to travel overseas, but he is on a tight budget. Sometimes saving money when travelling is all about thinking outside the box.


Travel SOS: how to avoid the solo supplement

Solo supplements are annoying at best and prohibit travel at worst so in this week’s Travel SOS Kay O’Sullivan has some advice for Gina on how to avoid them.


Travel SOS – how to manage an airport transit

Jane is taking her first long-haul flight and is unsure what to do when she is in transit. In this Travel SOS, Debbie details what she can expect.

Small Group Travel

Travel SOS: choosing the right guided holiday

Sue is now in a position where she’s a solo traveller and wonders if a guided holiday could be her best option. This week in Travel SOS, we offer some tips to help her get travelling again.

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