Travel SOS: what’s the best way to ‘do’ Europe?

Julie is planning on a visit to the UK and, while she’s in the neighbourhood, thought she’d enjoy a short stint in Europe. She’s asked Lee Mylne for some advice on the best way plan her adventure.


Travel SOS: which airport lounge is worth the splurge?

Like many Australians, Trav has never enjoyed the pleasure of an airport lounge. He wants to, though, and in Travel SOS, he’s asked Lee Mylne which one is worth the splurge.


Travel SOS: which passport should a dual citizen use?

Mary has two passports, and so she wants to know the protocols to follow when entering and exiting certain countries. In today’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne explains.


Travel SOS: do I need a visa for Canada?

Canada has made changes to its tourist entry process, so June is keen to know if she needs a visa when she visits her family. In Travel SOS this week, we clarify the new requirements.


Travel SOS: what to do for 11 hours in KL airport

Maureen is heading to the UK but to secure a cheap flight, she has 11 hours to kill at Kuala Lumpur airport. In Travel SOS, Debbie has some suggestions on how she can pass the time.


Chasing the Aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere

As with many Australians, seeing the Northern Lights is high on Richard’s bucket list. In today’s Travel SOS, he asks Lee Mylne about the best spot to see the Aurora Borealis.


Travel SOS: how to make your partner happy

When you have two very different types of traveller, striking a balance between relaxation and action isn't easy. What can Geoff do to ensure he and his wife both have a happy holiday?


Travel SOS – when is the best time to book airline tickets?

Booking airfares can be a confusing business and Roger wonders when is the best time to book in order to snare the best fares. But as Lee Mylne discovers, there’s no easy answer.


Travel SOS: where to stay for the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

The Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race is an iconic sporting event that most Aussies, like Ken, hope to experience. In Travel SOS, Lee Mylne outlines where to stay and when to book.


Travel SOS: should I take a tour in the Kimberley?

Julie has her heart set on a trip to the Kimberley but is wondering whether she should go it alone or take a tour. In Travel SOS, Lee Mylne points her in the right direction.


Travel SOS: am I too old to hire a car?

Fey is 75-years-old and is keen drive to some of the smaller towns outside Australia’s larger cities, only she’s unsure about whether she’s too old to hire a car.


Spreading the cost of a holiday

In this week’s Travel SOS, we look at ways that Lynne can spread the cost of her travel while still grabbing one of the many bargains being offered at the moment.

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