Visiting Broome doesn’t need to break the bank

Broome is not only expensive to get to, it’s also not the cheapest destination once you arrive. However, in this week’s Travel SOS, we have some money saving ideas to make it a little more affordable.


Travel SOS: Should you change your New Zealand travel plans?

When news of further earthquakes in New Zealand started to come through on Monday morning, as well as being concerned for those living there, many travellers started to think about whether they should cancel their own plans. So what is the current situation?


Travel SOS: how long should I spend in Amsterdam?

Jane has always wanted to visit Amsterdam and she knows there’s loads to do and see, but she doesn’t know how long she should spend there. Lee Mylne offers her some advice.


Travel SOS: is there such a thing as an ethical safari?

With all the furore about hunting of late, how can you be sure that the safari you choose is ethical? Lee Mylne highlights what you should be on the lookout for when booking your trip.


Travel SOS: where to spend your Middle East stopover

Many long-haul flights now transit via the Middle East. So, in this week’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne weighs up the pros and cons of a stopover in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


Travel SOS: where should I spend my Asian stopover?

While most people book airfares depending on their budget, others consider where they can add in a stopover to maximise their trip. So, where would Lee Mylne go?


Travel SOS: should I reconsider my Italian travel plans?

Euan has been planning his trip to Italy for several months but the recent earthquake has left him uncertain. In this week’s Travel SOS, we outline what he should consider before he leaves.


New options for cruising from the USA to Cuba

Julie would like to visit Cuba and wants to know if it’s possible to cross by sea from the United States. In today’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne advises her on how to cruise to Cuba.


Is there more to Morocco than Marrakesh?

Tom has always dreamed of visiting Morocco, but is unsure about a few things, including how safe he’ll be when he arrives. So in today’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne sets his mind at ease.


Travel SOS: go beyond Auckland’s main attractions

Auckland is a popular destination for Aussies and Jane is keen to see the sights not listed in the guide books. So in today's Travel SOS, Lee Mylne helps her to head off the beaten track.


Travel SOS: taking advice from DFAT

Christine is about to take a big trip but with the unrest in the world, her friends are suggesting she rethink her plans. In Travel SOS, Lee Mylne looks at the validity of DFAT travel advice.


How to spend 48 hours in New York City

The only downside of visiting New York City is that there’s so much to see and do. As Anne only has 48 hours in this great city, Lee Mylne tackles her ‘to do’ list in this week’s Travel SOS.

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