Travel Q&A: what to do if you lose your passport while travelling overseas

Julie’s worried about what to do if she loses her passport while travelling. Lee Mylne offers some tips on how to handle this situation.


Travel SOS – touring New Zealand: guided or go-it-alone?

New Zealand is one of the easiest destinations to navigate but, when time is of the essence, should you opt for a guided tour or go it alone? Lee Mylne tackles Trevor’s question in today’s Travel SOS.


Travel SOS: European walking tours

Jacqui loves walking but likes to tread the path less travelled by tourists so in this week’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne offers alternative walking tracks in Europe.

Cruising Tips

Travel SOS: when should I cruise the South Pacific?

In this week’s Travel SOS, we have some advice for Penny, who is keen to take her first-ever cruise and thinks the South Pacific is a good place to head, but isn’t sure when is best to go.

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS - travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Having spotted affordable fares to Abu Dhabi, Andrew is keen to know how easy onward travel would be from there to his final destination - Dubai. n

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS – is it safe to visit the pyramids in Egypt?

The pyramids in Egypt have long held much mystique for those who remember studying their history at school. But with the area subjected to political unrest, Kate would like to know if Egypt is safe to visit. n

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS - how to find one-way vehicle transfers

Relocating hire vehicles is a great way to save money and get from A to B. The deals, however, can be a little tricky to find so Kay O’Sullivan offers some pointers on where to look.

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS - planning the perfect European trip

Paul and his wife are off on the trip of a lifetime to Europe but with so much on offer, he’s not sure where to start. Kay O’Sullivan takes him through the careful planning to make the most of his trip.

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS - An Asian alternative

Leila loves travelling in Asia but is finding that she visits the same cities over and over. So, in this week's Travel SOS, Kay O'Sullivan offers up some exciting and achievable alternatives.

Travel Q&A

Travel SOS – Walking the Inca Trails

Drew has always wanted to trek to Machu Picchu but has heard that it may soon be closed. Thankfully, in Travel SOS, Kay O’Sullivan is able to put his mind at ease.

Travel Q&A

How to get the best summer deals

June is going to looking for some peace and quiet for Christmas this year – at a reasonable price. Kay O’Sullivan has some suggestions. n

Tours & Trips

Travel SOS – Driving in Spain

Who wouldn't want to jump in a car and drive through Spain? Chas is making plans to do so next year, but has asked for some advice, which Kay O'Sullivan is only to happy to give.

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