Travel Q&A

Travel SOS – No more bill shock

No one wants to come back from overseas to a massive mobile phone bill, but some of the travel sims are just too difficult to use. Our travel guru offers a solution that may help.


Living the Tuscan dream

Jane has long had the dream of driving through Tuscany, with only the beautiful scenery for company. Is it safe for her to do so?

Travel Q&A

What to do on a Hong Kong layover

Hong Kong is a great city to explore, but if you’ve got limited time on a layover, planning is key to enjoying your trip.

Travel Q&A

Best fares on Spirit

Getting to Tassie is easy, working out the best fare on the Spirit is not, but Kay O’Sullivan has some advice for Esther.

Travel Q&A

Travelling in Mongolia

In this week’s Travel SOS, Kay O’Sullivan explores the tour options in Mongolia for the adventurous Maree, who is planning a trip there next year.

New South Wales

Transiting through Sydney

Moira is booking a flight which transits through Sydney and would like to know how long it takes from the domestic to the international terminal.


Booking airfares

Airfares are on the radar for this week’s Travel SOS with Kay O’Sullivan answering questions from two members about the cost of flying.

Travel Q&A

Travelling through Turkey

Kay O’Sullivan address Jane’s concerns about travelling in Turkey.

Travel Q&A

Female solo travel tours

In this week’s Travel SOS, Kay O’Sullivan reassures solo traveller Maysara that her decision to take a tour is the right one. n

Travel Q&A

Volunteering while travelling

Pam is keen to take on some voluntary work on her next holiday, but isn’t sure what is involved and how to go about finding a worthwhile project.

Travel Q&A

French walking holidays

Stephen, who enjoyed the recent Travel SOS on walking holidays in Italy and Spain, has asked Kay O’Sullivan for similar information about France. n

Travel Q&A

Touring Vietnam

Jane is wondering what’s the best way to see Vietnam and whether it’s best to book a guided tour or is it safe and easy enough to travel independently.

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