Exchange Rates

Should I change my money now?

Pauline is heading to Europe in a few months’ time and is slightly alarmed by the falling dollar. Should she change her money now before it gets any lower?

England, Scotland & Wales

Save on UK passenger duty

The UK is a popular destination for Australian travellers, yet few may be aware that a simple route change could save you hundreds of dollars on your airfare.

Travel Q&A

Avoiding jetlag

Steven’s wife Peta’s suffers from jetlag and wants some advice on how to avoid the common effects of flying overseas when they are on their second honeymoon.


Should I travel to India alone?

Sandra has always wanted to travel to India but is concerned after recent reports in the news about foreign women being assaulted.


Snorkeling without a boat

Kathryn helps Sheila to discover the best places in Australia to step off the sand and snorkel. No boat required.

Travel News

Should I reconfirm?

Louise is concerned that she may lose her seat on her flight if she doesn’t confirm her reservation, but is this really the case?


How do you get the best rates?

Pete can’t understand how going to a hotel direct costs him more than booking via a dedicated hotel booking website. Debbie explains and offers her choice when booking.

Travel Q&A

87 and ready to travel

Peter is looking forward to seeing some of Australia, with his first stop being the Great Ocean Road, but he is looking for some guidance on how to best to get there.

Travel Q&A

Is my mother fit to fly long haul?

Johan is immigrating to Australia from South Africa and as much as he would like to bring his disabled mother with him, he’s unsure if she would cope with the flight.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travelling without insurance

As booking a trip can be expensive, can you travel without insurance?

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