Solo Travel

How can I save on solo travel?

Mary has recently retired and is keen to celebrate with a trip to Asia. However, as she is travelling alone, she is concerned having to pay the single supplement may make the cost too prohibitive.

Travel Q&A

Is my mother fit to fly long haul?

Johan is immigrating to Australia from South Africa and as much as he would like to bring his disabled mother with him, he’s unsure if she would cope with the flight.

Travelling On A Budget

Does travelling solo have to cost the earth?

Ray has recently retired and is looking to spend this years Christmas holiday somewhere in Asia. But because he is travelling alone he thinks having to pay the single supplement may make the cost too inhibitive.


Three travel questions answered

We answer your travel questions, from minimising travel deal spam to getting the best seat on the plane and accommodation options in New York.

Tours & Trips

Booking multi-destination flights

Bob is setting off on an epic journey across Asia and is looking for the best way to book flights, but sometimes you have to think about more than just the cost.


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