41 experiences to put on your 2021 Queensland must-do list

If you thought you knew Queensland, then think again. In the 300-plus days since international travel came to a fast stop on 20 March 2020…


Travel SOS: How do border closures affect train journeys?

Joanne wants to take the train from Adelaide to Perth for a holiday. Is this currently possible?


Travel SOS: What’s the deal with face masks and flying?

Ian has seen reports of people flying without masks and wants to know if it is safe.


Cook Islands Tourism releases cool virtual travel planning tool

The Cook Islands has created an all-new virtual reality feature online, showcasing six of their 15 islands.


Travel SOS: Is there a way I can go on a tiny house holiday?

Steve has seen a documentary on tiny houses and wonders if they are a good holiday option.

Travel Q&A

Flexible travel guide

Susan is starting to feel comfortable about booking travel, but wants the new rules explained.

Self-drive holidays

Staying awake at the wheel

Don’t be caught napping while driving; the following tips will help you stay awake on the road, ensuring safe travels for you and your passengers.


Airbnb: What’s the COVID-19 policy?

Jodie wants to know is she’s safe to book an Airbnb for early next year and what protections she’s granted should an outbreak occur or we go into lockdown again.


Flight Centre CEO talks all things travel

For advice on booking, top destination picks and the inside scoop on the industry, we spoke to expert on all things travel, Flight Centre CEO James Kavanagh.


Top 10 coronavirus questions

People are keen to start travelling again, but they have a lot of questions.

Travel Q&A

Website tracks travel restrictions

David thinks booking travel will be difficult when borders reopen and wants to know if there is a way to navigate different travel restrictions.


Tassie’s loo with a view

This ‘loo with a view’ may just be Tassie’s next – and most controversial – tourist attraction.

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