Travel Vision: Chernobyl 33 years later

Today, we show you an independent web documentary made by Abandoned Explorer, featuring the kind of sights you’ll witness on a day tour of Chernobyl.

Canadian Rail Tours

Travel Vision: A journey through the clouds

Witness the unparalleled beauty of some of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies and prepare to do some serious neck-swivelling to peek at eagles soaring through treetops.


The fabled all-white Spirit Bear and its ancient rainforest home

Great Bear Rainforest is a film that tracks one of the world’s rarest animals through one of the most spectacular and secluded wildernesses on the planet.

New South Wales

Travel Vision: Vivid Sydney's wild, wild lights

Sydney comes alive for the Vivid Festival, with amazing light displays, art installations, sound and music and creative types from all over the globe taking centre stage. Here's what you can expect from this year's festival.


Journalist goes undercover as a tourist in her own country

What do Australians think of tourists to our country? Do you think the expectations of tourists visiting here match our actions overseas?

South Australia

Travel Vision: Australia’s State of Wonder

State of Wonder takes Aussie travellers on a 120-hour live stream tour showcasing South Australia as a richly diverse holiday destination. Here are the highlights.


Travel Vision: Virgin Australia’s quirky new ad campaign

Virgin Australia has released a series of video shorts promoting the airline’s all-inclusive in-flight features.


Nova Scotia: A land where art is life and life is art

From fine artists to farm-to-table chefs, Nova Scotia is home to an amazing arts scene. But it’s not just painting and performing. Nova Scotians treat life as art – as we all should.


Crew dances during six-hour flight delay

What do you do when your flight is delayed for six hours? You shout out to your dance crew to provide a free show to lift the spirits of the frustrated flyers around you.

New Zealand

Travel Vision: New Zealand reacts to Aus/NZ merger notion

New Zealand reacts to the idea of a merger between our two nations, as presented by the Meat and Livestock Association’s Australia Day lamb advertisement.

Northern Territory

Travel Vision: A day in the life at Uluru

If there was a place in Australia you would say is the heart of the nation, it would have to be Uluru – Australia’s rock of ages.


HKTB teams up with cute canines to promote Old Town Central

Hong Kong Tourism Board has joined forces with some seriously cute canines to show off the community and culture of one of Hong Kong’s favourite neighbourhoods.

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