Two days on Phillip Island

Rest and restoration form the main agenda on Victoria’s Phillip Island for those who enjoy swimming, surfing or simply strolling, there are endless stretches of pristine sand and wild seas.


World’s rudest nation

So who is the world’s rudest nation? In a poll run by Skyscanner of 1200 people nearly 20 per cent said that ??? was the rudest nation for travellers.

Editor's Choice

The best night’s sleep in Melbourne

My pet peeve when staying in a city centre hotel is being kept awake by buses, trams, rubbish collection trucks and late night revellers. So, when I come across a hotel which is quiet, it’s pretty much a winner for me.


State motoring associations

Thinking of hitting the road? These major state motoring associations are the first port of call if you get into a mechanical bind.


Q&A Cruising Solo

YOURLifeChoices reader Frank doesn’t want to pay full price for a double room when he goes cruising, but how can he avoid the dangers of being paired with an unknown roommate?

Cruise Deals

Kimberley Cruising on the Orion

Geraldine McGrath, a friend of the YOURLifeChoices team, had always fancied a cruise around the Kimberleys, but with so many options on offer, how did she decide which cruise would suit her best?


Voyage of Mediterranean Discovery

Spring is one of the most delightful times to visit Europe and enjoy the breathtaking sights, sounds and scents, all of which Italy has in abundance. MSC Cruises has the ideal Mediterranean itinerary to explore and experience all that the chicest country in the world has on offer.


Tuscan discovery

If you’re not quite ready to make it to Italy for a European spring sojourn, then perhaps an autumnal Tuscan trip sounds appealing.


Spirit of the ANZACs

Australia has a very proud military history of which the ANZACs play an incredibly important role. One of the great and moving pilgrimages which Australians enjoy making is to the battlefields of Gallipoli.

Tours & Trips

Meet the locals

Trafalgar offer the unique opportunity to spend time with the locals. You can share in family traditions, local customs and make friends for life with a Be My Guest travel experience.


Save on your Canadian adventure

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada’s radiant coastlines, awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains and culture-hub cities attract visitors from around the globe. But trying to see everything on your own can mean you experience Canada from a tourist’s perspective.


Free fun around Australia

Given that it takes such a long time to travel overseas, interstate travel is popular with Australians, Find out what our subscribers’ top five states to visit are and what you can do for free.


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