Hotel Topazz: Informal luxury paired with elegance

Spring 2012 has delivered a striking new architectural creation to the heart of Vienna. From the very beginning the four-star Hotel Topazz captured the design world's attention, while winning the hearts of its cosmopolitan clientele, too.


Hellbrunn‘s Advent – The Magic of Christmas

Enter the fairytale world of Hellbrunn Palace near Salzburg during its amazing Advent season.


The glittering world of Swarovski Crystal

Twenty minutes from Innsbruck, in the town of Wattens, a water-spouting giant with sparkling eyes guards a glittering subterranean world.


Haydn Festival at Esterházy Palace

The imposing Esterházy Palace is the ideal setting for the Haydn Festival, celebrating the music of composer Joseph Haydn. The Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra is the “orchestra-in-residence” at the festival. A specific of the orchestra is a so-called “Eisenstadt or Pannonian style”, which gives it a unique sound. With its outstanding acoustics, the Haydn hall is ranked one of the finest in the world.

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Plan your trip

Getting caught short miles from the nearest public toilet can be embarrassing, painful and distressing. Be prepared before you go and find the public toilets on your proposed travel routes.

Travelling On A Budget

House sitting – is it for me?

Kristine and her partner Geoff both think so. If you’ve considered house sitting but are not sure of the process, or if it’s for you, let Kristine and Geoff’s experience be your inspiration.

The people you’ll meet…

the stories you’ll hear are what makes The Ghan’s journey from Darwin to Adelaide so very special. When your trip is the annual Anzac Tribute, look forward to four days of remarkable historic insights and warm conviviality.


Escape to Queensland’s coolest towns

Get rugged up to experience country Queensland's rich pioneering past, stunning scenery and exceptional food and wine, with some guidance from Catherine Dunn.

Love to have a beer?

Imagine my delight when the good folks at Trainworks in Thirlmere, NSW decided to create a family day which will combine the chance to poke around the railway sheds, discover local cuisine and enjoy a beer tasting from one of the many craft beer brewers.


Travel Photographer of the Year winning images

Armchair travellers, unite! If you’re not just about to jet off to an exotic location, then why not sit back and enjoy some of the winning entries to the 2011 Royal Geographical Society Travel Photographer of the Year awards?

Publisher's Pick

Luxe London Travel Guide

On a recent trip to London, I was able to test drive a Luxe London travel guide. For those used to heaving Lonely Planet travel guides – perhaps better used as door stops or blocks to raise computer monitors - a Luxe guide is a very nifty companion to the major cities of the world.

Editor's Choice

Editor’s Choice – Hong Kong from only $890

Sometimes you’re not planning a trip but then a deal lands in your inbox that is just too good to pass on. Cathy Pacific has just released fares to Hong Kong from as little as $890, but you’ll need to grab them quick.


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