Spectacular Hong Kong

Late last year I was privileged to spend five days in one of the most exciting cities of the world – Hong Kong. One of the things I love most about this city is how accessible it is for all ages and all budgets. If you are wealthy, you might be transported from the airport by Rolls Royce as a guest of the Peninsula Hotel, dine at Michelin star restaurants and buy luxury goods from all the top labels.


Savvy Traveller – Europe on a budget

YOURLifeChoices member John hasn’t been back to Europe since he emigrated in the 50s and is keen to take a trip back down memory lane. Our Savvy Traveller has some hot tips to help him make the most of his limited travel budget.

South America

South America on a budget

Q. My husband and I have wanted to travel to South America for some years, but are on a limited budget. How can we travel around South America without breaking the bank?


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