Federal Government

Treasurer refuses to disclose economic modelling on tax cuts

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has refused to provide economic modelling on company tax cuts because, he says, it does not matter to people in the pub.


Super changes reinforce Government’s focus on rich

Scrapping the $500,000 lifetime cap on after-tax super contributions will only affect 80,000 Australians, and they appear to be the ‘super rich’.


MYEFO: How will Scott Morrison balance the books?

Just how the economy is performing is set to be revealed tomorrow when Treasurer Scott Morrison delivers his MYEFO. We may not like what we hear.


No hope of budget surplus

Just as Treasurer Scott Morrison is preparing his MYEFO, analysis by Deloitte has declared that the budget is floundering and will never be in surplus.

Finance News

GST talks back on the table?

Changes to GST are back on the agenda with Treasurer Joe Hockey proposing increasing the tax in order for the states to raise the funds to match expenditure.


Budget blowout on the cards

Independent analysis by Deloitte Access Economics has predicted that the Federal Budget will sink a further $14 billion into deficit in the next financial year.

Banking & Investment

Big banks delay rate cuts

Two of Australia’s biggest banks are expected to profit $68 million by not passing on the rate cut to customers until 17 days after the Reserve Bank decision.


Treasurer warns of Pension changes

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has flagged possible changes to the Age Pension

Pensions in firing line?

While newly elected Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been keeping a low profile, Treasurer Joe Hockey called a press conference yesterday to announce two major initiatives. One is the establishment of a Commission of Audit to review government spending and identify possible cuts, led by Chairman of the Business Council of Australia, Mr Tony Shepherd.


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