Most complained about ads

TV ads for many are just an opportunity to nip to the loo or go and put the kettle on but for some, they’re enough to make their blood boil – especially those annoying Ultratune rubber ones!


What is Fetch TV?

Wouldn't it be more convenient if you could record live TV, use streaming services and watch pay TV with just one set-top box? Well Fetch TV might just be the solution.


Parky’s Favourite Australians

Esteemed talk-show host Michael Parkinson’s two-part special, Parky’s Favourite Australians, features interviews with famous Aussies over the years.


Sydney siege victims sign TV deals

Sydney siege victims have signed television interview deals, but the dollar-figures on offer are far less than you may expect.


ABC to suffer more cuts

The ABC is set to lose an additional $50 million following government cuts.


Dallas reboot cancelled

The final episode of the rebooted hit series, Dallas, aired in the US last week.

Old school, new tricks

For those who enjoy the UK television series New Tricks, Old School will delight



Naomi Watts is about to star in the screen adaptation of Princess Diana's life

Movie Reviews

Redfern Now

Rarely, very rarely, will a new program engage the viewer from the outset. Such was the effect of Redfern Now. Although I’d seen countless promos in the preceding weeks, one grows sceptical, not wishing to be seduced by the usual hype. But the reverse was the case with the first episode entitled ‘Family’ screened last Thursday. No number of promos could have prepared the viewer for just how riveting this new, indigenous drama series is. If the remaining five episodes are equal to the first, then Redfern Now is required viewing.

Movie Reviews


Ruth Jones is, in my opinion, one of the wittiest writers in British television at the moment. Not only does she produce some of the cleverest ideas for the small screen, she also stars in them. Her latest offering, Stella, is what has been keeping me amused over the last few weeks.


Social club for centenarians

Don’t forget to tune in to Compass, ABC1, Sunday 1 July at 6.30pm.

Rent increases and CEO sleepouts

Last night 1046 CEOs of Australian companies slept out to help raise awareness and funds for those who live without a roof over their heads.

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