Clean for the Queen campaign backfires before Queen’s birthday

A grass-roots movement called Clean for the Queen hopes to get 1 million Britons involved in a clean-up weekend for the Queen’s 90th birthday. And many Brits are not too happy.

Social Networking

Why join Twitter?

Twitter is an easy, low-maintenance way to keep up with the latest social trends, breaking news, celebrity gossip and industry developments. So, how do you get started?


Queens first tweet

Queen Elizabeth II has posted her first tweet

Twitter kills off Tom Jones

Seeing Tom Jones sing some of his greatest hits and swing his hips on stage at the AFL Grand Final was definitely one of the highlights of the day. Sir Tom more than held his own, easily keeping up with his 23-year-old counterpart, singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran.


We don't care when you overshare

The social media phenomenon is still going strong and the public’s fascination with the minutiae of media personalities lives has not waned.


Meet Archie Clegg

See some backstage photos from the Opening Ceremony on Archie’s Twitter account.

Social Networking

Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Feel that you are missing out on the so-called Twitter revolution – but no idea where to start? Simply follow Drew’s simple instructions to make your voice heard…

Government data requests increase

Should you be worried about the government snooping through your emails?

Turnbull and Rudd trade Twitter insults

Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd who came to ‘blows’ over Twitter

Social Networking

Hashtags coming to Facebook

If you believe the rumour mill, hashtags are just around the corner.

Federal Government

Libs caught manipulating Twitter

A tweet by the Opposition Environment Spokesman Greg Hunt which received over 211 retweets and reached the top spot of the popular ‘auspol’ hashtag, has sparked claims that the Liberal Party is using an army of fake accounts to boost the popularity of their tweets.

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