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Pandemic just made the road rockier for older jobless

The plight of older Australians who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic has been highlighted in a University of New South Wales ‘roadmap to recovery’.


Pandemic destroying plans of older workers

The Business Council of Australia says older people are most at risk of long-term unemployment because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Increasing number of older Australians on the scrapheap

An ever-increasing number of older Australians are unemployed, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just when they could be building a nest egg.


The good and the bad on why Aussies retire early

These are the top seven triggers causing Australians to retire earlier than they expect.


Welfare talks need to be inclusive of all

Malcolm Turnbull last week promised a “fair and compassionate” welfare overhaul, but Bill Shorten thinks it’s just another chance to “kick the poor old pensioner”.


Older workers top new Hopelessness scale

Australia’s official unemployment rate currently sits at 5.7 per cent. At face value, this seems reasonable, but this figure conceals a darker picture for older Australian job seekers.


Older workers key to our future

According Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, the key to our nation’s economic growth is ensuring older Australians stay in the workforce.

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Economy faces gloomy outlook

According to the latest Consumer Pulse Report released by Choice this week, consumer confidence is at a three-year low, with one third of Australians rating the economy as ‘poor’.

Dole bludgers bleed millions from taxpayers

Recently released figures show that 105 Victorians have been out of work for more than two decades, claiming the equivalent of $26 million in payments.…