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How to experience the best of LA in just one day

What began as a holiday horror story turned into a dream day in LA. Today, Leon shows you how you too can experience the best of LA in a day.


Trump’s extreme vetting now includes digital strip searches

If Donald Trump has his way, the contents of your smartphone, including all your passwords, contacts, emails and browsing history, could be examined when you enter the US.


Mem Fox “ashamed” to be human after US airport ordeal

Australian children’s author, Mem Fox has spoken out about her experience of being detained by US customs officials, saying she’d never seen people being treated so terribly in her life.


Enjoying my very own Fear and Loathing moment in Las Vegas

Have you ever had a time when things weren’t going the way you’d planned, then, you looked around and realised that the ideal experience for which you were searching was staring you in the face?


Donald Trump suffers first defeat as his Muslim ban backfires

It seems that Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is backfiring, as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reveals that the executive order is in breach of the First Amendment.


How Donald Trump affects tourism

The election of Donald Trump as US President has many people running for the hills. Today, we look at how Trump will affect tourism to the United States.


Tensions high in East China Sea

A war of words has broken out with China’s government labelling Ms Bishop’s remarks on the East China Sea dispute as “irresponsible”.

Shooting rampage no joke

Just after midnight on Friday, lone gunman James Holmes took the lives of 12 moviegoers and injured a further 58, at a showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. The quiet town of Aurora, Colorado has been left reeling at the news of the deaths and the details surrounding the massacre.

Telstra is tracking you

Telstra has been accused of tracking the websites its customers visit using the Next G network, and sending the information to a company in the United States of America.