April 8 death date for Windows XP

From next Tuesday, the 13-year-old Windows XP platform will no longer be supported by Microsoft, leaving any user still using the software vulnerable.

Software & Downloads

Get the new Google Maps

Google Maps’ most recent update brings numerous new features. Find out what’s on offer and how you can get the update right now.


When your smartphone freezes

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make a phone call and having your smartphone freeze. Drew explains how to fix this common problem.

Computer Tutorials

Updating Microsoft Word

Drew shares a free software update which allows you to open .docx files which are created by users of new versions of Microsoft Word.


Hotmail changes

The most used online email service in the world, Hotmail, has undergone its first major revamp in eight years and will receive a name change. Drew explains why this has happened and how the changes will affect your emailing experience.

Technology News

Website update

YOURLifeChoices is committed to continuing to improve our website. Drew explains three new changes and asks for your feedback.

Technology News

Update your security question

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jack wants to know more about the recent increase in hackers targeting security questions and how he can strengthen his security question to prevent theft of information.


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