Water bills are set to double

Water bills could more than double by 2040 unless steps are taken to reform Australia’s urban water, Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive Philip Davies has warned.


The Government unveils its new National Energy Guarantee

Malcolm Turnbull has revealed his government’s rebuttal to the Finkel Report, unveiling a new energy policy which dumps the current CET in favour of a new acronym.


Electricity retailers are enjoying high profits by rorting Australians

Australian electricity retailers are failing to deliver low prices to consumers, to the point that the Government may need to step in and re-regulate the power industry.

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How to balance your budget by cutting power bills

As anyone trying to reduce their power bills will know, it’s often the standard supply that makes up the bulk of the charges so shopping around is important – here’s what you should consider.


Australians set to be stung by rising petrol and power costs

A new deal between the world’s top oil-producing nations will mean the end of $1 per litre fuel, and some Australian residents will, next year, pay up $310 per year extra for energy.


Aussies losing billions to ‘lazy tax’

A new report shows that Australians are losing billions of dollars each year by sticking with their current service providers.